Spray River at Banff(05BC001) - Table

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| Note - Flows are not available during winter months due to ice effects                 |
|         (generally from November to April).                                            |

Government of Alberta River Data

    Station:,Spray River at Banff
Starting at:,2017-09-21 00:00:00 MDT
  Ending at:,2017-09-25 12:40:00 MDT

Station No.,Date & Time in MDT,Water Level,Flow,Secondary Water Level,Secondary Flow
05BC001,2017-09-25 04:30:00,0.909,2.96,,
05BC001,2017-09-25 04:35:00,0.910,2.98,,
05BC001,2017-09-25 04:40:00,0.911,2.99,,
05BC001,2017-09-25 04:45:00,0.911,2.99,,
05BC001,2017-09-25 04:50:00,0.910,2.98,,
05BC001,2017-09-25 04:55:00,0.910,2.98,,
05BC001,2017-09-25 05:00:00,0.910,2.98,,
05BC001,2017-09-25 05:05:00,0.910,2.98,,
05BC001,2017-09-25 05:10:00,0.910,2.98,,
05BC001,2017-09-25 05:15:00,0.909,2.96,,
05BC001,2017-09-25 05:20:00,0.910,2.98,,
05BC001,2017-09-25 05:25:00,0.910,2.98,,

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