Water Supply Outlook for Alberta

August 2003

Reservoir Storage Conditions

As of August 1, 2003, water storage in the major irrigation reservoirs in the Oldman River basin is below-normal, except the Milk River Ridge Reservoir which is above-normal, and Keho Lake which is normal.

Water storage in the major reservoir of the Red Deer River basin is below-normal.

Water storage is generally below-normal to normal as of August 1, 2003 in the major hydroelectric and irrigation reservoirs of the Bow River basin, however the Glenmore Reservoir in Calgary is above-normal.

Storage levels in the major hydroelectric reservoirs in the North Saskatchewan River basin are below-normal for the Brazeau Reservoir and normal for Lake Abraham.

Storage levels in the Athabasca River basin are below-normal.

August 1, 2003 reservoir data is available in (Table 1).

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