Water Supply Outlook for Alberta

February 2002

Oldman River Basin - Water Supply Forecasts

Much-below-average natural runoff volumes are forecast for the March to September 2002 period in the Oldman River basin (Table 3). Current forecasted values for the March to September period for the Oldman River at Lethbridge would rank seventeenth lowest in 84-years of record (1912-95). The February 1 forecasts are 9 to 24% higher than recorded values observed over the same time period last year. Snow accumulations in the basin are below-average and accumulations are considerably less at lower elevations. This is evident in the forecasts when compared to other basins (such as the Bow River) which has much higher accumulation in the upper basin. A significant snow storm in the area below 6000 feet would dramatically improve the water supply forecasts in the Oldman River basin.

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