Water Supply Outlook for Alberta

February 2010

Water Supply Forecast as of February 1, 2010 - Milk River Basin (Natural Flows)

Volume Forecast for March 1 to September 30, 2010
Locations Volume
in dam3
Volume as a % of Median Probable Range as a % of Median Potential Minimum as % of Median Forecast Ranking (lowest to highest) Recorded March-September 2009
Volume as a
% of Median
Milk River at
Western Crossing
40,100 74 38-98 19 24/70* 61
Milk River
at Milk River
66,500 70 36-93 19 29/91 46
Milk River at
Eastern Crossing
83,500 72 35-96 19 31/91 42


* Western Crossing data is from 1931-2001

Median is calculated for the March 1 to September 30 period from 1912 to 2001

NOTE: There is: a 50% chance that the actual natural flow will fall within the probable range given and a 25% chance that the actual flow will be less than the lower bound of the probable range given. Actual day to day streamflow conditions may vary throughout the season as a result of the effects of streamflow diversion and reservoir storage.

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