Water Supply Outlook for Alberta

March 2007

Plains Runoff Outlook

As of March 1, 2007, plains runoff is forecast to be much above normal in North Central Alberta as a result of record to near record snowpack recorded in these areas (Figure 1). Above-average fall soil moisture conditions will also have a major impact in the Lloydminster-Edmonton-Whitecourt areas, while further north in the Grande Prairie-Peace River areas, fall soil moisture conditions were below-average. There is a high potential of significant runoff in all areas of North Central Alberta, particularly if the snowpack melts very quickly or significant precipitation occurs during the month of March. Alberta Environment will be monitoring these areas very closely during snowmelt. Check the Forecaster's Comments on the department website throughout the month for the most current conditions.

Elsewhere in the province, below-average to average runoff is expected in the far north and in southern areas of the province. The only exception is in the Cypress Hills, where average to above-average runoff is forecast. Much snowmelt has occurred since the end of February in some areas of the southern plains and the Cypress Hills.

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