Water Supply Outlook for Alberta

This report contains a summary of current snowpack, precipitation, river flows, reservoir storage and soil moisture and their impacts on potential runoff in two areas, the plains and the mountains. Plains area runoff is important for replenishing soil moisture and water storage in local storage facilities, such as dugouts. Runoff from the mountains is important for the major rivers in the province where reservoirs store water supplies for irrigation, hydroelectric and community/municipal purposes.

Current Report:

March 2018 Water Supply Outlook

Data is published, and is made available first, through the Maps and Data Summaries webpage. Caution against using early season snow data (December and January) to make assessments, as neither is a full data set and typically over half the snow accumulation is yet to come.

Notification and the Overview summary are no longer faxed. Please check this website regularly during the times listed above for updates.

Historical Water Supply Outlook for Alberta Reports

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