Water Supply Outlook for Alberta

March 2004

Plains Runoff Outlook

As of March 1, 2004, spring snowmelt runoff is forecast to be average to above-average for most of Alberta's west-central plains areas, with the exception of the Rocky Mountain House area where below-average runoff is expected (Figure 1). Average runoff is forecast for the Cold Lake area, with below-average runoff forecast between Cold Lake and Edmonton. In northern Alberta, spring runoff is expected to be below-average. Plains runoff is forecast to be average to much-above-average for the southern slopes of the Cypress Hills, below-average for the Calgary area, and much-below-average for the Lloydminster and Coronation areas and the remainder of southern Alberta.

Soil moisture is generally much-below-average in plains areas of Alberta, with the exception of the Cold Lake and Lloydminster regions where soil moisture is average (Figure 2).

Check the Forecaster's Comments on the department website throughout the month for the most current conditions.

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