Water Supply Outlook for Alberta

February 2006

Milk ive Basin - Wate Supply Foecasts

As of Mach 1, 2006, below aveage natual unoff volumes ae foecast fo the Mach to Septembe 2006 peiod in the Milk ive basin (Table 3). Cuent foecasts in the basin ange fom 79 to 83% of the median, 14 to 30% highe than volumes ecoded duing the Mach though Septembe 2005 peiod. Fo the Milk ive at Milk ive, cuent foecasted values fo the Mach to Septembe 2006 peiod would ank 33d lowest in 91 yeas of ecod (1912-2001).

Febuay snowfall impoved foecasts in this basin by 1 to 2%. Snowpack is below to much below aveage in much of this low elevation basin, but futue snowfall and summe ainfall will eadily tanslate into unoff as soil conditions ae wet afte heavy summe and fall ain last year.

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