Water Supply Outlook for Alberta

September 2003

Natural Flow Volumes Summary

Volumes recorded during August were generally much-below-average, similar to those recorded during August 2001. However, volume totals for March through August of this year are higher than during the same period in 2001.

Below-average to much-below-average runoff volumes have been recorded for the March through August 2003 period in the Oldman, Milk and Bow River basins. Below-average to average runoff volumes have been recorded over the same period in the North Saskatchewan River basin and average volumes were measured in the Red Deer River basin.

Volume totals so far this year (March through August) are much lower than those recorded last year in the Milk and Oldman River basins, and in the southern half of the Bow River basin. In the northern half of the Bow River basin and at the Brazeau and Bighorn reservoirs, this year's volumes are currently slightly lower than last year's. At Edmonton and in the Red Deer River basin, 2003 volumes are much higher than last year's.

Runoff volume totals for the March through September 2003 period and their percent of average and historical rankings can be found in the following tables:

Table 1 - Milk River basin
Table 2 - Oldman River basin
Table 3 - Bow River basin
Table 4 - North Saskatchewan River basin
Table 5 - Red Deer River basin

* Note that these volumes are preliminary updates of those published in previous months' Water Supply Outlooks. At some stations the volumes may have changed. Previous forecasts for the March through September 2003 period were produced using volume data available at the time. The August 1 forecasts for the August through September 2003 period, however, are largely unaffected.

The final streamflow volume forecast for this year was produced in August, as volumes after September 1 represent a minor portion of the yearly totals. A year in review report will be published next month. Check our Forecaster's Comments throughout the month for updated information regarding runoff conditions.

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