Water Supply Outlook for Alberta

August 2006

Table 4a - Water Supply Forecast as of August 1, 2006 - Oldman River Basin (Natural Flows)

Volume Forecast for March 1 to September 30, 2006
Locations Volume in dam3 Volume as a % of Average Probable Range as a % of Average Reasonable Minimum as % of Average Forecast Ranking (lowest to highest) Recorded March-September 2005 Volume as a % of Average
St. Mary River 712,000* 96 94-98 93 41/91 77
Belly River 234,000 96 94-99 93 39/91 90
Waterton River 613,000 101 99-104 98 51/91 85
Oldman River near Brocket 919,000 84 83-88 82 31/91 132
Oldman River at Lethbridge 2,656,000 89 81-92 81 39/91 106

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* - This value is the natural volume and includes the U.S. share
Average is calculated for the March 1 to September 30 period from 1912 to 2001

NOTE: There is: a 50% chance that the actual natural flow will fall within the probable range given; a 25% chance that the actual flow will be less than the lower bound of the probable range given; and a 10% chance that the actual natural flow will be less than the reasonable minimum. Actual day to day streamflow conditions Jun vary throughout the season as a result of the effects of streamflow diversion and reservoir storage.

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